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Let's Hear Em, Your Favorite Rolling Stones Songs?

I%26#039;m a big time fan of The Stones. I was watching %26quot;Gimmie Shelter%26quot; earlier and thought I%26#039;d ask this.

In case anybody%26#039;s interested Here%26#039;s My Top 10 Stones Songs

1 Dead Flowers

2 Sympathy For The Devil (The Live Version From Get Your Ya Ya%26#039;s Out)

3 Can%26#039;t You Hear Me Knockin

4 She%26#039;s So Cold

5 Midnight Rambler

6 Monkey Man

7 Tumbling Dice

8 You%26#039;d Better Move On

9 Moonlight Mile

10 Loving Cuo

But what are Your favorites? As many or few as You like.

Let%26#039;s Hear Em, Your Favorite Rolling Stones Songs?
The Stones kick major ***.

1. Can%26#039;t You Hear Me Knocking

2. Fingerprint File

3. Wild Horses

4. Sister Morphine

5. Gimme Shelter

6. Honky Tonk Women

7. Star Star

8. Street Fighting Man

9. Jumpin%26#039; Jack Flash

10. Monkey Man

11. 100 Years Ago

12. Sympathy For The Devil

13. Satisfaction

14. Let%26#039;s Spend The Night Together

15. Undercover Of The Night

16. It%26#039;s Only Rock %26#039;N Roll

17. Let It Bleed

18. Shattered

19. Brown Sugar

20. Moonlight Mile
Reply:Time is on my side.
Reply:paint it, black; start me up; satisfaction; get off my cloud; 19th nervous breakdown; gimme shelter
Reply:Ruby Tuesday

Paint It Black

Street Fighting Man
Reply:Get off my cloud.

nice one!
Reply:Tumblin Dice

Ruby Tuesday

Sympathy for the Devil
Reply:Well, mine%26#039;s not quite as extensive, and probably cliche as far as favorites go but I love:

Mother%26#039;s Little Helper

Ruby Tuesday

Sympathy for The Devil

Time is On My Side

Paint it Black
Reply:Paint It Black and Sympathy for the Devil
Reply:1. Happy

2. Ain%26#039;t Too Proud To Beg

3. Sympathy For The Devil

4. Honky Tonk Women

5. I Am Waiting

6. Carol (Live from Get Your Ya Ya%26#039;s Out)

7. She%26#039;s A Rainbow

8. Prodigal Son

9. Street Fighting Man

10. 19th Nervous Breakdown
Reply:Mother%26#039;s Little Helper

She%26#039;s A Rainbow

Street Fighting Man
Reply:I favour the 60%26#039;s stuff, and these are the 19 I chose for my RS compelation album.

In the order I put them on the CD :~

Gimme Shelter


The Last Time

Jumpin%26#039; Jack Flash

You Can%26#039;t Always Get What You Want

19th Nervous Breakdown

Under My Thumb

Not Fade Away

Sympathy for the Devil

Mother%26#039;s Little Helper

She%26#039;s A rainbow

Get Off of My Cloud

Wild Horses

Ruby Tuesday

Paint It, Black

Honky Tonk Women

It%26#039;s All Over Now


It%26#039;s Only Rock N%26#039; Roll

My favourite is probably %26#039;Paint It, Black%26#039;, followed by %26#039;Gimme Shelter%26#039; {love that intro!}
Reply:%26quot;Start Me Up%26quot; is my favorite. It%26#039;s always been, since it%26#039;s the first Stones song I%26#039;ve ever heard.

Top 5:

1. %26quot;Start Me Up%26quot;

2. %26quot;Satisfaction%26quot;

3. %26quot;Miss You%26quot;

4. %26quot;Under My Thumb%26quot;

5. %26quot;Jumpin%26#039; Jack Flash%26quot;

Okay...I%26#039;m sorta lying about the top five songs. But I can%26#039;t decide, so I just picked random songs for the most part.
Reply:Paint it Black (of course), love that song, but not really a fan of The Rolling Stones.
Reply:Nineteeth Nervous Breakdown
Reply:all time favorite is paint it, black

no competition.
Reply:Mine is also Dead Flowers but Paint it Black is a close second. %26quot;You got to move%26quot; is third.
Reply:%26quot;You Can%26#039;t Always Get What You Want%26quot; is probably my all time fav. I also also love %26quot;Gimme Shelter%26quot; %26quot;Shattered,%26quot; %26quot;Sympathy for the Devil,%26quot; %26quot;Angie,%26quot; and a few more whose names I can%26#039;t think of at this moment...
Reply:Under My Thumb and Paint it Black
Reply:Start Me Up,Gimme Shelter,Can%26#039;t You Hear Me Knockin%26#039;,Paint It, Black, and You Can%26#039;t Always Get What You Want. (not in order)
Reply:I%26#039;ve only recently been getting into the Stones, so forgive me if my list is typical:

Sympathy For the Devil

Ruby Tuesday

Memory Motel

Drift Away

Wild Horses

Moonlight Mile

Paint It Black

Hang Fire

Let It Bleed

It%26#039;s Only Rock and Roll
Reply:Paint It Black

i%26#039;ve loved that song forvever, and though plenty of other songs by the Stones are great, none can compare.
Reply:In No particular Order:

Tumbling Dice

2000 Man

Start Me Up

Sympathy for the Devil

Street Fighting Man

Wild Horses

You Can%26#039;t Always Get What You Want

She%26#039;s So Cold

Gimme Shelter is pretty much awesome.
Reply:midnight rambler

mothers little helper

hang fire


gimme shelter


miss you

street fighting man

the last time

under my thumb


My Best friends dad just passed. Theyre samoan and I was wondering what can I take to show that I care.?

since they%26#039;re samoan I see that they do different things then the usual Flowers and sympathy cards....

My Best friends dad just passed. Theyre samoan and I was wondering what can I take to show that I care.?
My friend is a Samoan married to a Jamaican. Their grandson died several years ago (he was an infant). I made dinner and put it in covered, foil pans they could heatup and I took it to them. They really appreciated it. My friend is a very devout Christian. I am not sure if most Samoans are as devout since I don%26#039;t know any others aside from my friend.
Reply:Just bring flowers and/or a card. You%26#039;re not Samoan. Any expression of sympathy will be appreciated.
Reply:When my love ones died I always brought a cake and visited with the family.
Reply:I know next to nothing about the Samoan culture, so I can%26#039;t say exactly what would be appropriate. But I think since they live here, they might have a bit of American culture infused in them as well. There are things that I think are universally acceptable, and not offensive.. Flowers might be a bit akward, but food might be nice. Not casseroles and stuff, but maybe some type of dessert? Like a plain and simple one.. a bundt cake or some cookies even.. You could ask your best friend, if she seems strong enough to handle questions related to her dad%26#039;s death.. You could just tell her that you%26#039;d like to bring something to show her family that you care, but wouldn%26#039;t want to bring something inappropriate. If you know any of her relatives, like a cousin or aunt or even an older sister, you could also ask one of them the same question. I%26#039;m sure they will appreciate it very much, and love the fact that you cared so much.

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Cultural Question?

my neighbour has died suddenly - ( an Indian man). Not sure if it is appropriate to send flowers %26amp; or sympathy card. Not sure of his religion. He has left a wife %26amp; young children. Any advice on how I should pay my respects?

Cultural Question?
Hi David;

I have to always remind myself in these situations that some realities supercede ethnic, religous and social constructs...such as loss and suffering. The nature of your sensitivity indicates that you are a thoughtful being.

I suspect that the most compassionate expression would be to walk next door and ask your neighbors how they are. Ask if they need anything that you can help them with at this time. Ask how neighbors and community members unfamiliar with their customs might honor their husband and father.

I have found it kinder and more genuine to avoid all of the %26#039;safe%26#039; rituals that we culturally rely on (flowers and cards).

If you can determine through your vist that your neighbor is Hindu I have included Emily Post%26#039;s bereavement advice.

Hindu funerals usually take place within 24 hours of death. Friends may call or visit family members of the deceased to offer their condolences upon hearing of the death and may bring flowers to them at that time. The flowers are placed at the feet of the deceased. The body usually remains at home until it is taken to the place where it will be cremated. The funeral ceremony is conducted at the place of the cremation. The coffin is generally open, and guests are expected to look upon the body and be seated in the room for the service, which is conducted by a priest or a senior member of the family. Guests may attend the cremation, but if they do not want to, they may depart after the service.

After the funeral, friends may visit the bereaved, usually bringing gifts of fruit with them.
Reply:Send a card and do what your heart tells you to do.Follow your heart and you will never go wrong!!
Reply:A card expressing your sympathy, (and maybe a casserole cos i don%26#039;t suppose the wife feels much like cooking.)
Reply:Send a sympathy card. If you are even just a nodding acquaintance then make an effort to speak to the wife and offer her your sympathy.
Reply:yes definitely

a bunch of flowers for the widow, at home rather than a wreath.

and a letter or card as long as it doesn%26#039;t have symbols of a (wrong) religion

Reply:Just call and ask if you can drop by for a few minutes. Bring something to eat and offer to watch the children.
Reply:A sympathy card would be a very nice gesture,and the fact that you have taken the trouble to seek advice on the right thing to do shows that this lady and her family have a very caring neighbour,just be yourself.
Reply:A card...and maybe a home made food...American Indian or Hindu? Try to make it a homemade dish that reflects his ethnic background. Even if u buy it and put it in a;s showing respect for his culture. Or, just a card if you don%26#039;t want to do much else.It%26#039;s nice of you to care enough to take the card over and offer your condolences. What a good neighbor!!!!
Reply:And, since the most likely religions are Hindu (no beef and maybe n meat at all) and Muslim (no pork), that casserole had better be a vegetarian one!
Reply:A card would be a wonderful gesture, and I%26#039;d check his obituary, often people request a donation in lieu of flowers.

Going on advice given to me by a friend whose daughter passed away, bringing food isn%26#039;t a good idea. At this time they are probably not even interested in eating, especially someone else%26#039;s cooking, and most of the extended family and close friends will be bringing some sort of food.
Reply:send a card and keep it simple x

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The Rolling Stones...Your Favorites?

I was just answering a question about live albums and since the Stones..Get Your Ya Ya%26#039;s Out is My all time fave I thought let%26#039;s find out what people%26#039;s fave Stones songs are

Here%26#039;s My Top 10 to get the ball rolling

1 Dead Flowers

2 Sympathy For The Devil (The live version from Ya Ya%26#039;s)

3 She%26#039;s So Cold

4 Cant%26#039; You Hear Me Knocking

5 You Better Move On

6 Monkey Man

7 Salt Of the Earth

8 Tumbling Dice

8 Loving Cup

9 Sister Morphine

10 Stray Cat Blues

Your many or as few songs as You like. Fave albums whatever...have fun

I coulda done My top Stones 100 but...ain%26#039;t got that much

The Rolling Stones...Your Favorites?
Hm...Top ten for me...

No particular order as always.

1. Start Me Up

2. Time Waits For No One

3. Can%26#039;t You Hear Me Knocking

4. (I Can%26#039;t Get No) Satisfaction

5. Under My Thumb

6. Brown Sugar

7. Miss You

8. Lies

9. Sympathy For the Devil

10. Jumpin%26#039; Jack Flash

Keith Richards is one of my favorite riff creators. Maybe second or third on the list. Tony Iommi is first.

Favorite album...dunno. Maybe Some Girls.
Reply:1. Paint it Black

2. Jumping Jack Flash

3. Sympathy for the Devil

4. Get a Girl

5. Start Me Up

Gerry :)
Reply:I%26#039;m not a big fan but i do like some of their songs. Mostly the hits

Paint It Black

Brown Sugar

The Last Time

(I Can%26#039;t Get No) Satisfaction

Jumping Jack Flash

It%26#039;s Only Rock n%26#039; Roll

Start Me Up

Wild Horses

Ruby Tuesday

Gimme Shelter
Reply:She%26#039;s a Rainbow

Symphony for the Devil

Paint It Black
Reply:1. Angie (an incredible song I fell in love with from the first time I heard it)

2. She%26#039;s A Rainbow

3. Wild Horses

4. Sympathy For the Devil

5. (I Can%26#039;t Get No) Satisfaction

6. Paint it black
Reply:1. Paint It, Black

2. Time is On My Side

3. Mother%26#039;s Little Helper

4. Wild Horses

5. Before They Make Me Run

6. Torn and Frayed

7. Waiting On A Friend

8. Angie

9. Hand of Fate

10. Time Waits For No One
Reply:a little T %26amp; A
Reply:1. Paint it Black

2. Sympathy for the Devil

3. Gimme Shelter

4. Angie

5. Under My Thumb
Reply:Street Fighting Man

She%26#039;s a Rainbow

Mother%26#039;s Little Helper

Those are probably my top 3 although I like a whole lot more.

Edit! Good afternoon Darth! Hope you%26#039;ve had a good holiday season!
Reply:Miss you



gee I ♥ %26#039;em all!!!
Reply:In no particular order :~

Paint It, Black

Gimme Shelter

19th Nervous Breakdown


You Can%26#039;t Always Get What You Want

Play With Fire

Get Off of My Cloud

Under My Thumb

The Last Time

It%26#039;s Only Rock n%26#039; Roll
Reply:1. Moonlight Mile

2. Dead Flowers

3. As Tears Go By

4. Sweet Virginia

5. Highwire

6. Loving Cup

7. 100 Years Ago

8. 19th Nervous Breakdown

9. You Got The Silver

10. Child Of The Moon

11. Heart Of Stone

12. Sympathy For The Devil

13. Sway

14. She%26#039;s A Rainbow

15. Love In Vain

16. Torn And Frayed

17. Shine A Light

18. 2000 Man

19. The Spider and the Fly

20. I Got The Blues

...and so many more. I%26#039;ve always loved the Stones.
Reply:Gimme Shelter

Ruby Tuesday


Street Fighting Man

Those are my personal favorites, i love dozens more though.
Reply:Best rock and roll band ever, here%26#039;s my top 10:

You Got The Silver

Play With Fire

Memory Motel


Tumbling Dice

Gimme Shelter

Some Girls

Saint Of Me

You Can%26#039;t Always Get What You Want

She%26#039;s A Rainbow
Reply:u put 8 twice
Reply:1. paint it black

2. (i can%26#039;t get no) satisfaction

3. start me up

4. gimme shelter

5. honky tonk women

6. jumpin%26#039; jack flash

7. ruby tuesday

8. you can%26#039;t always get what you want

9. get off of my cloud

10. sympathy for the devil
Reply:Time Is on My Side, (I Can%26#039;t Get No) Satisfaction, Get off of My Cloud, As Tears Go By, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Paint It, Black, Mother%26#039;s Little Helper, Let%26#039;s Spend the Night Together, Ruby Tuesday, Jumpin%26#039; Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women

Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Tumbling Dice, Angie,

It%26#039;s Only Rock %26#039;n Roll (But I Like It), Ain%26#039;t Too Proud to Beg, Hot Stuff

Miss You, Beast of Burden, Shattered, Emotional Rescue, She%26#039;s So Cold,

Start Me Up, Waiting on a Friend, Time Is on My Side (live),Harlem Shuffle, One Hit (to the Body)

Mixed Emotions, Rock and a Hard Place,Sympathy for the Devil (remix)
Reply:My favorite Stones song is the one that ain%26#039;t playing. They leave a bad never mind. Sorry man, not a Stones fan at all and thats all I got to say about that.

Edit...but you do get a star ;o)
Reply:paint it black.

Reply:Sympathy for the devil


Time is on my side

beast of burden

mothers little helper

under my thumb


start me up

of all time fave wild horses
Reply:Stray Cat Blues!... Kisses

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Friend's father passed away in India - what is proper custom in india to express sympathy?

what is appropriate way to give condolences. I don%26#039;t know if flowers are appropriate - is there something specific in Indian customs that would be more appropriate in this case?

Friend%26#039;s father passed away in India - what is proper custom in india to express sympathy?
I am from Pakistan but know very well Indian customs.

India is a multi-religion country; people living togather.

Just express your views about the importance and role of father and than express your sorrow and condolance for an irrepairable loss your friend has met.
Reply:i dont think flowers are accepted but mayb u can make acall and give away your condolences.


Is it proper to send thank you notes for sympathy cards that you received?

Or do you only send thank you cards for flowers, food, etc? Please advise. My father passed away and I received several cards and wasn%26#039;t sure of the proper etiquette.

Is it proper to send thank you notes for sympathy cards that you received?
If you see them in person, thank them. If you have their phone number, call them and if you were extremely touched give them a thank you card. Or, for the next holiday or special occasion if it is near, give them a card and mention that the thank you card was appreciated. Basically keep in touch with those who truly care, it is a blessing.
Reply:You can send out acknowledgement cards. Usually the funeral home will give them to you after a death in a little kit they give. And, yes, you can acknowledge people for their kind words and flowers. It at least lets them know that you received them.
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure what the real etiquette is, but when my dad was recently in a nursing home for an extended period of time, I sent thank you%26#039;s for any gesture of kindness, including cards. I think it%26#039;s always better to play it safe and send too many than too few.

to acknowledge the thought is very proper

may God comfort you
Reply:You send thany you notes for gifts, never for cards--regardless of their intention.


How much money should I send with a sympathy card?

The deceased is a 6 yr old boy in my neighborhood. He was run over by his school bus. I know his Mom just from the neighborhood. Her loss has touched my heart. I wanted to send money instead of flowers but I don%26#039;t want to send an offensive amount. Is $25 too little?

How much money should I send with a sympathy card?
Honestly, I%26#039;ve never heard of sending money in a sympathy card. I have close friends that have lost loved ones and their main concern is that the deceased persons memory is kept alive. Once spent, money is often forgotten. My idea would be to buy some children%26#039;s books and donate them to the library, inscribing them with %26quot;in memory of.....%26quot; His memory will live on and the books will be read by other children his age.
Reply:I think that is fine to send and you are very sweet to care like that .What a sad thing to happen .

God bless %26#039;ya .
Reply:what ever you can offer. $25 dollars is fine., last year a 4th grad

er was run over by a bus too. any amount will be appreciate

some people don%26#039;t have Life Ins. any amount help. to bury your love one.
Reply:I think it%26#039;s not the price of the card but what the card reads .
Reply:25 is just fine to send .It%26#039;s the thought that counts and you are very thoughtful for even sending anything.
Reply:I think that I would just send flowers, you can never go wrong with that.
Reply:just send flowers. money seems a little mean, or like u were in a hurry. flowers are from the heart and are special. but i think its very sweet that u care so much.
Reply:Money may not be appropriate for the loss of a loved one. Some people may see it as charity instead of a gift, and some people are very touchy about accepting charity. If you know for a fact that she%26#039;s really hard up for money and is having trouble paying funeral expenses, then money might be okay, but otherwise I%26#039;d be cautious.

Instead, donate the money to a good cause as a memorial to the boy. Ask around - the family may have a favorite group or church that they would like to support.
Reply:I think a card and a live plant would be better. I still have all the plants I received from when my son died 6 years ago.
Reply:DONT SEND MONEY!!!!!! are you nuts??? what is she going to do with it??? buy a 12 pack and call it a night??? send her flowers!!! there are places she can take them to have them framed and kept for memorials...if it were the other way around and the mom died and left a small child behind you could start a fundraiser to put the kid through college or something...thats what happened to mom died when i was eight and people raised money in a trust fund for my college education...something my mom couldnt give me anymore...DO NOT SEND THE MOM MONEY!!!! an empty card and nothing else would be better than sending her money and a card!
Reply:I would make a donation to a childrens charity in the childs name, or if you live in a close knit neighborhood, perhaps get a collection from all the neighbors and present it to the family to help cover their costs, so they have one less thing to worry about.
Reply:i would send flowers or make a donation in the little boy%26#039;s name in a place that is meaningful to the family
Reply:$50.00 min.

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